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In fact, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, Los Angeles currently has the seventh-highest cost of living in the US, behind only New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle and San Diego.In our area we have apparently high local and state taxes too.Especially since no one can just up and leave their state and expect to find a job which pays decently close to what they used to get paid right off the bat.I also find the time to post lengthy (very) parenthetical comments.My last apartment was 750 with two decks, walk in closets and parking included.But meat really is a killer on a food budget, especially the expensive cuts.

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Put in the take-home. and it will figure out your deductions for taxes,.The latter was soul-sucking and required a car to get everywhere, the former has made my day-to-day life joyful by comparison.

I suspect almost all of them adhere to my mantra that it all starts with personal responsibility.We have often wondered if we would be better off to make less money, which is a sad thing to ponder in a capitalistic society.Deciding to put down roots in Maryland, one of the most tax-oppressive states in the nation is a personal choice too.A first glance we might seem poor, hell, even financially pathetic to some if they judge us on income alone.If it was 1980, 1990 or even 2000 I think your approach would work.

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TaxTips.ca - Calculating. after which no premiums are deducted until the start of the next year.

I remember rummaging through the cabinets and fridge looking for food all the time.

if you make 45,000 a year and get paid bi weekly, how much

However, I have some crippling issues that cause my budget to overflow a bit.

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But what you and many other people are failing to take into account is the state of the economy on the average John and Jane Doe.During that time, I saved up a down-payment for a house and started college funds for my kids.I agree with the original poster however he has the luxury of living in a safe area.

Freelancers pay both halves of Social Security, plus federal, state and local taxes.If you equalize for hours/day and weeks/year,...

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How to Figure Your Monthly Income if You Earn a. so how much will i make after all the taxes etc.

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In that article, I specifically asked my readers to consider this question.A mortgage lender will review your annual income before taxes as.

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Not counting state and city taxes, Medicare tax, SSI, etc. which no one gets back, unpaid sick time, holiday closures, etc.I know my wife and I are doing quite well on 55k a year (one income) while putting around 20k into our school loans.Answers to the question, A Cop Makes 30,000 A Year How Much Would You Make Each Month.

The waiting list for help with housing in Philadelphia for example is almost 10 years and priority goes to people with no incomes way before this hypothetical couple.In fact, I spent a good portion of my life pinching pennies to make ends meet.

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LOL Our family could save so much money if the Honeybee and I spent 15 more minutes every other week, going through the coupons and looking for special one-day only food sales.With all due respect to you, Len, I completely agree with Jade.Also, my car maintenance is a solid 840 a year (I do my own everything as far as cars go), not including tires (I have ones I expect will last a while).

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I got promoted after a year with no. nothing though after taxes and benefits.First thing to do, if you do make that much, should be to move some place cheaper.Calculator for the estimation of the actual paycheck amount you can take home after tax and. status for two years after the year of.To do that we need to have a good handle on wants versus needs.All I see on craigslist that goes for 600 are in Rogers Park, Uptown and South Side ( the rough parts may I add).It was over at Funny About Money when they wrote a post based on my post about 111,000.

People want what people on tv have and what their friends have or do what their friends do.

Remember, most of these expenses should be considered conservative.I get sick of seeing so many glib financial advisors on the internet who have been able to put themselves in a position to not truly have to take their own advice.Here, if you want a good rent, NEVER answer craigslist, or go to an apartment finder, or really answer an ad of any kind.Take wife and kids into account and it becomes nearly impossible.Use this Tax Calculator to get an estimate of the amount of money you owe in federal taxes for.

I live in one of the most (having had the greatest increase in real estate prices and homes going for 700 grand plus) neighborhoods in chicago.With no mortgage, and no car expenses it would be a breeze to live on 40k for one or two people wanywhere in America except Manhattan.As for me, I sacrificed and worked my ass off to get where I am today.

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Also, if you drive 50 miles per day, you need to find a job closer to home — or a home closer to your job.This website accepts cash advertising, sponsorship, and other forms of compensation that may occasionally influence content or topics of discussion.Thanks for backing me up and showing us its possible by sharing your own experience.We also rotate a few key dishes (cheap ones) into our menu every couple of weeks.Also, income tax rate changes are sometimes announced after.The after-home, after tax real wage of the worker in Brentwood.

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