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This has disastrous consequences for the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.Altcoins are much more nimble and quick when it comes to making changes.On the 1st of August, the Bitcoin User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) is scheduled to activate.I always enjoy a good discussion with ya but you nailed it on this one.There is no way how practically you can overturn the hegemony of Bitcoin Core from 85% usage in order to stop UASF in time before August, therefore this takeover will happen regardless.Hence my decision to take real profit out of the market and wait out the storm.A full year after the code was released, Segregated Witness (SegWit) still has little chance of being adopted by Bitcoin miners.The bitcoin scalability problem is a consequence of the fact that blocks in the blockchain are limited to one megabyte in size. (UASF) is a controversial.August 1, 2017 BIP 148 will go into effect and could have serious implications for the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin is only centralized when a few persons in the community can decide for the majority.

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The possibility of the USAF is an extra layer of decentralization.So they can just introduce anything in Bitcoin Core, because 85% of the network will use their software.In mining nowadays this is the case, but the user base is still very decentralized.

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Such divergence is usually the sign that the market is going to correct down.

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.For more background information on this you can consult this very well written article published on Bitcoin Magazine.This is perfect decentralization and without the possibility of a UASF Bitcoin was already taken over by a central bank or government.Possible that bitcoin or other alt-coin could be the next reserve currency.GREAT TRADING OPPORTUNITIES.which I am going to explore now.

UASF will be activated on August 1st, and the sheeps will be slaughtered.These PayPal and Credit Card bitcoin exchanges accept cryptocurrency, USD, Euros, GBP.Which is really suspicious, they want to use force, yes yes, the voluntary decentralized currency now has a fucking GOVERNMENT that will impose force on Bitcoin users.

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So they can just insert any kind of hardfork patch into core, because they know that people will rather adopt a crappy patch than to change wallet to a more insecure one.I barely have like 2% left in Bitcoin for this reason and this reason only.

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Many users have already installed (or upgraded to) Bitcoin Core UASF BIP148 and this is best option for those who use own nodes to send and receive bitcoin.Throughout many Bitcoin-focused social media forums, the UASF discussion can be seen far and wide.I will probably stay into cash until the BTC fork drama resolves and the dust settles.In contrast, the UASF will likely not create another version of Bitcoin.

Yeah, the Bitcoin developers surely have their honesty and integrity in question right now.

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BetMoose is a global betting exchange where you earn money by predicting real life future events and outcomes.Posted on April 10, 2017 by 247 Bitcoin. 24 7 Bitcoin. Bitcoin is entering its next battle: Adoption by the masses.

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Ripple is probably just pumped up by corporate investors, but I hardly see any userbase or fanbase of it.The first is that if enough users buy coins on the UASF chain, they can make even a minority fork succeed by giving it more.

This is the GAME OVER for Bitcoin, whatever happens to it in the future, it will be unrecognizable.Rest assured a lot of Litecoin community members seemingly hope the UASF will fail.Bitcoin Core with display, SegWit, UASF, BIP148, Tor Network enabled.Please check out Thomas Hunt (aka Mad Bitcoins) talking to Jimmy Song about.Litecoin Aiming for User-Activated Soft Fork Amid Rumors of SegWit Block.As much as I love crypto markets, these have become highly risky now than everything is up so high so I am feeling much safer hedging into some cash and prepare for the next market cycle.Man it certainly looks like Bitcoin is on the verge of becoming something unrecognizable.

I am not sure how Coinbase will prepare for it but you can start by taking your BTC off the exchanges to store it into proper wallets.However, the UASF may initially cause instability on the Bitcoin network.These companies are in favor of SegWit via a User Activated Sof Fork (UASF).

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Bloomberg has a good piece on the struggle between the Bitcoin core developers and the leading miners on how to best scale Bitcoin.A payment system is only one application, the tiny top of the iceberg.UASF will affect bitcoin a lot because the movement of the price for the next few months is depending on that event so if it will become a successful change for.Let us trade. 9:37 AM. Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup.Now you too can support a User Activated Soft Fork by wearing this fashionable headgear.